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Category Archives: Flowers

SunPatiens Royal Magenta Impatiens

Compact plants covered with big colorful blooms. Vigorous plants offer continuous color and cover for three seasons, the large, serenely pretty blooms creating a pleasing impression. With a compact, clean habit, 12-14” plants thrive beautifully in small and large spaces.

Glamini Gladiolus Bulbs

Breakthrough Dutch Gladiolus! Introducing a breakthrough in Dutch gladiolus in shades of yellow, red, purple and white. Growing just 24″ tall, the Glaminis bloom earlier and longer, producing 8″ full size flowers for 18 days or more. Stunning cut flowers.

Peppermint Twist Geranium

Proven garden performer, it stands up to any weather. There are candy red splashes across each snow-white petal in this superb new geranium. A proven garden performer, it stands up to the worst weather, displaying large, dazzling 4″ bloom heads

First Yellow Geranium

One of the hardest colors to get in geranium. This is a triumph of plant breeding. Hello, yellow. Presenting the first true yellow geranium—ever! A breakthrough in the land of geraniums. The stunning yellow double-blossomed beauties flower gloriously all summer

Geranium Angel’s Perfume

The best of both worlds: beauteous burgundy blooms and lemon-scented foliage. Stunning new geranium variety delivers the best of both worlds: a gorgeous show of beauteous burgundy blooms and a lavish commotion of ruffled, lemon-scented, cool-green foliage. ‘Angel’s Perfume’s 12-14”

Geranium Soft Spoken

Masses of glowing flowers top perfect mounding plants. You’ve never seen such a geranium. ‘Soft Spoken’s demure pastel-rose-hued flowers make an inspiring addition to the regal geranium palette. In sun or shade, in a border or baskets, 12-14” mounding plants

Evka Geranium

Vintage bushy geranium plants make a stir in summer and autumn ‘Evka’ is the flower of choice for window boxes of classic British pubs—probably because she is so vivacious. Vintage bushy geranium plants make a stir in summer and autumn—dispersing

Garden Ready Flower Plants

We do the growing for you! Speed up your flower garden with these pre-started flower plants that arrive at the best time for planting in your area.

Sweet Black Cherry Dianthus

Unleashes a steady show of fragrant, punch-colored blooms from early spring into autumn. We are delighted with this new variety’s outstanding beauty and overall garden performance. Not requiring vernalization for first-year-flowering, 18-36” plants unleash a steady show of fragrant, punch-colored

Fantaste du Cape Dahlia

Dahlia, Dinnerplate Fantaste du Cape Spectacular in size and color. Brilliant color combination or raspberry red, white and purple shades make this new variety the ultimate cut flower. Blossoms are as large as dinner plates and once established, the plants

FrostNip Dahlia

Dahlia, Dinnerplate Frost Nip Super size special selection. One of the best decorative dahlias, raspberry red with pure white tips makes Frost Nip an attention grabber. Late summer blooming will bring new life in your garden after the hot summer.

Dinnerplate Café au Lait Dahlia

Dinner plate size blooms in nuanced color. A sublimely pretty new addition to the dinnerplate dahlia color palette. The larger than life cream-going-on-tan, 8-10″ blooms are wondrous in a cottage garden, vase or bouquet. Demure, nuanced color artfully complements neighboring

American Dream Dahlia

Dinnerplate dahlias are the great big beautiful showoffs of flowers. This very large, very showy variety is a stunner, the 8-10″ bright pink blooms detailed with thin red stripes on massive, 40″ tall plants. Outsize flowers make a lovely big

Dalaya Shari Dahlia

A floriferous flurry of big, bold, bicolor blooms. Look forward to a continuing floriferous flurry of great big, bold, bicolor blooms. Gorgeous 16-18” tall plant’s cream-colored flowers, boasting pink stripes and yellow centers, bloom and rebloom spring into fall. Midsize,

PotLuck Dahlia

One bulb produces dozens of flowers in different colors. You have never encountered a dahlia like this, one that is sure to create a colorful commotion in your garden. From a single tuber will spring dozens of flowers of different

Showtime Dahlia Plant

Lively blooms burst with color like fireworks on the 4th of July. Customer Favorite! The large 3″ blossoms boast an outer ring of outrageous orange with a center starburst of canary ray petals. A super easy and floriferous choice for

Sriracha Violet Cuphea

The cuphea grown from seed that produces lovely big purple blooms. For the first time ever, a cuphea grown from seed that produces lovely big purple blooms. Flowering all summer long, 10-16” tall plants provide a vibrant attraction in the

Cosmidium Philippine

A summer long show of cocoa-scented, bicolor blooms. You can smell the color. Bicolor 1″ blooms with purple-brown disks, circled by henna-toned petals edged in yellow orange. Alluring, well-branched,16″ tall plants mix prettily with heliomeris, zinnia, centaurea or dwarf sunflowers

Choca Mocha Cosmos

Low-maintenance plant that can stand drought and heat. Native to Mexico and extinct in the wild, Cosmos atrosanguineus is a low-maintenance plant that can stand drought and heat. Treat it as an annual, except for Zones 10-11, where it can

Centaurea Montana, Lavender Mist PPAF

Sun-loving variety has 50% more blooms. ‘Lavender Mist’ carries on fragrantly flowering and reflowering from early spring into late summer—a longer, more lingering bloom time in the garden. Sun-loving bachelor button cultivar produces 50% more blooms, has better branching, and