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Swiss Chard Neon Lights Blend

Four bright shining colors in one packet! Neon Lights is the most beautiful rainbow chard you can grow; it’s better than Bright Lights. Brilliant dazzling colors with no intermediate tones. We’ve blended four varieties, 25% each: intense red, bright orange,

Swiss Chard Bright Lights

All-America Selections winner. A rainbow of color in a seed packet This stunning chard seed mix has stems in gold, pink and crimson. A few plants will be white and pink striped, orange, scarlet, purple, green and white. All are

Swiss Chard Red Magic Hybrid

Gorgeous all-red chard grows as fast as you can harvest it. Bursting with joie de vivre, our own vigorous red chard keeps on coming as fast as you can harvest it. Picked young and tender, the cranberry-red stems and glossy

Squash Red Kuri

Magnificent bright scarlet tear-drop-shaped fruits with dense, delicious flesh. This squash commands your attention on account of the fruits’ color and succulent flesh. Red Kuri’s magnificent bright scarlet tear-drop-shaped fruits are packed with dense flesh that’s smashing roasted or in

Squash Marina di Chioggia

Italian heirloom excels in soups and sauces We’re particularly partial to this Italian heirloom winter squash, and we’ve been seduced by its rich, superb flavor. Excels in soups, roasted or in sauces. Provides high yields of turban-shaped fruits weighing 10-12

Summer Squash Golden Zebra Hybrid

Bushy plants yield golden and white striped squash If you like ‘Green Tiger’ then you’ll love ‘Golden Zebra’. Golden and White striped fruit are brightly visible under bushy plants. Harvest when the fruits are 7-8″ long, or smaller for baby

Squash Early Summer Crookneck Organic

Meaty yellow fruits. Meaty fruits with small crooknecks have bright yellow, bumpy skin. Delicious flavor and fine texture. Good for freezing. We searched the world to find the best organic seed—Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals

Squash Summer Burpee Fordhook Zucchini Organic

All-America Selections winner for vigorous bush-like plants. This organic Fordhook Zucchini has cylindrical, smooth, dark green, straight to slightly curves fruits with creamy white, tender flesh. The bush-like plants are vigorous and the fruits are best when 6-8″ long. Harvest

Squash True Hubbard

A classic market variety that has been a delicious American staple since the 1780s True Hubbard has appeared in American gardens and been served on American tables since at least the 1780s. Weighing about 12 lb. each, the squash has

Squash True Hubbard

A classic market variety that has been a delicious American staple since the 1780s. True Hubbard has appeared in American gardens and been served on American tables since at least the 1780s. Weighing about 12 lb. each, the squash has

Squash Ronde de Nice

Nutty flavor and tender flesh have made this a favorite of French squash lovers. An heirloom prized by generations of French squash connoisseurs for its mild, nutty flavor and ever-so-tender flesh and skin. Harvest when fruits are young, when they

Squash Collection Best of Summer Squash

Our very best squash in one easy collection. Summer squash and zucchini ripen early and are highly productive. The bush type plants take little space. You get one packet each of Cosmos zucchini— Pic-N-Pic crookneck Sweet Zuke Sweet Gourmet zucchini

Squash Winter Burpee’s Bush Table Queen

Bush-type acorn squash, each plant is only 3 feet across. Plants produce an abundance of green, deeply ribbed, acorn-shaped fruit that are 5″ long and 4″ wide. Delicious, high quality flesh is orange. Ready to harvest about 80 days after

Squash Verte et Blanc

Celebrated French heirloom with looks to match its exquisite flavor. We admire this French heirloom’s looks, taste and illustrious heritage. Dating to the 1800s, this venerable beauty is patty pan, or scalloped, in shape. At first, the squash is the

Squash Summer Cocozelle

Italian heirloom with long cylindrical dark-green fruits with light-green stripes. You can harvest the fruits of this delicious Italian heirloom when it’s young or at full maturity. Growing on bush-type plants, the long, 10-12″ cylindrical fruits are dark green striped

Squash Winter Boston Marrow Organic

An extremely unusual New England heirloom. Once you taste the melt-in-your-mouth “pumpkin” pie that this squash yields, you’ll be making it as often as possible. Sweet, carrot-orange flesh, cooks to a creamy, custardy texture for perfect pies, puddings and breads.

Squash Summer Sunny Delight Hybrid Scallop

Chefs love our early scallop-type squash. Its great taste and versatility is why chefs love our early scallop-type squash. It’s 2½ to 3″ long with distinct scalloping. All our summer squash are bush shaped so they can easily be grown

Squash Summer Eight Ball Zucchini

Mini zucchini that’s loaded with flavor. Ten years ago we introduced Roly Poly, the first round zucchini, to gardeners’ great delight. Now rolling this way is Eight Ball, a round little charmer that is bold, glossy and with a deep

Squash Delicata

An heirloom squash that tastes like a sweet potato. Introduced in 1891, Delicata’s taste is remarkably similar to that of sweet potatoes, but it’s much easier to grow. The vines produce plentiful cream-colored, green-striped oblong fruits, about 3″ in diameter

Squash Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato

A high-yielding Missouri heirloom squash with a sweet potato flavor: one of our favorites. A favorite at our Fordhook Farm test gardens, this family heirloom squash from Missouri has a flavor that is distinctly sweet potatoesque. High-yielding vines produce a