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Category Archives: Perennials

Red Hot Poker Tritoma Seeds

Spikes topped by narrow, tubular flowers from pale yellow to orange-red. Not a blowtorch, but close. Spikes glow, blaze open fiery red, then pale and wither. Mixture contains colors not usually available. Use as accents with grasses or sprawling blues

Black Tulip Magnolia Tree

New Zealand-bred compact tree flowers earlier than most. ‘Black Tulip’s superb, goblet-shaped 6” blooms draw admiring attention—oohs and ahs!—with their have-to-see-to-believe-it black-purple color. New Zealand-bred compact tree, growing to 11.5’, flowers earlier than most—within the first few seasons. A well-chosen

Silver Princess Shasta Daisy

Blooms first season from sowing. From June to August, Silver Princess explodes in a burst of pure white petals that radiate from the soft yellow eyes. Under the flowers, there’s a neat backdrop of the glistening, deep green foliage. Mix

Real Galaxy Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy, Real Galaxy PPAF Compact plants produce waves of fancy fringed flowers. A season without daisies is unthinkable: a crime against summer! Showboating shasta cultivar exhilarates in sun-basking borders, beds and containers. Compact, clumping 22” plants produce spirit-lifting white

Real Glory Shasta Daisy

Dazzling daisy with gorgeous color. Shasta daisies have earned their prized place in the perennial border. ‘Real Glory,’ a dazzling new daisy, makes a gorgeous impression, with creamy-yellow, yellow-domed anemone-like flowers borne on strong 24-26” stems with mid- to dark-green

Salvia Suncrest Flamenco Rose

Vivid blooms all summer long. Some like it hot pink! Stunning new long-blooming charmer creates a rosy glow in the bed, border or rock garden. Compact, upright 2-3 ft. plants bloom all season, laying out a canopy of vivid-pink blooms

Rudbeckia Hirta Moroccan Sun Mix

Nonstop color from late June to first frost. The cheerful mix produces a nonstop show of glowing color in shades of orange, yellow and copper red from late June to first frost. Moroccan Sun makes a dazzling cut flower.

Lichfield Angel English Rose

Large creamy-white flowers with light fragrance. Deep cups open to neat rosettes, then beautiful dome shaped blooms. Their color is creamy apricot, later paling to creamy white. The effect in the mass is of almost pure white. A light, clove

Molineux English Rose

Winner of the Henry Edland Medal for the ‘Best Scented Rose’. Beautiful rich yellow rosettes are produced with exceptional freedom and continuity. Very healthy and reliable, performing well in all areas. It has a characteristic Tea Rose fragrance with a

Brilliant Red Poppy

Makes a striking display in the late spring garden. Huge, bright scarlet-orange flowers feature black blotches at the base of each petal. Plants bloom profusely in May and June from the year after the seed is sown.

Cosmopolitan Phlox Plant

Compact plants with clusters of hot pink flowers. These dwarf phlox with their eye-catching 4″ clusters of big, hot pink 1½” florets with blazing fire-red eyes make a strong impact in the garden. Plant them in a border, and drink

Cascade Hops

A popular Aroma hop, vines are disease-resistant and very productive. Very productive, with large, attractive flowers used for flavoring beer. Its aroma is very distinct, spicy with citrus-y quality. Green cones ripen in midseason, on disease-resistant vines. Plants can climb

Moonlight Schizophragma

Hard to find, but easy to grow. A climber of the best sort, with elegant, lacy hydrangea blooms. In midsummer, large, lacy heads of hydrangea-like flowers form along this cultivar’s self-adhering stems, offering a moonlit display. With lovely pewter mottling


Hot, hot pink Chinese fringe-flower. Robust, compact plant packs in plenty of interest, whether as a focal point in the landscape, beguiling in the border, or prettifying a patio container. Hot, hot pink blooms are handsome counterpointed by cool purple

Oso Easy Double Red Rose

Easy-growing plants require no spraying, pruning or maintenance. The cutely named Oso Easy® lineup has a glorious new addition in this long-blooming, large double red stunner with dark, glossy green foliage. This is what we call a “plant-it-and-go” variety, requiring

Jazz Hands Loropetalum

Loropetalum, JAZZ HANDS™ DWARF WHITE White Chinese fringe-flower. A very pretty compact addition to the ‘Jazz Hands’ lineup, white cultivar’s spring burst of pure-white flowers are handsomely complemented by sensuously rich, deep dark green leaves. Sturdy, ample, mounding Chinese 12-36”-tall

Honorine Jobert Anemone

Floriferous display of dazzling white. Refined Japanese anemone cultivar produces a floriferous display of dazzling 2” white, pink-tinged flowers adorned by frilly yellow stamens with chartreuse centers. In bloom August into September, flowers cluster on erect dark-green 3-4’ stems with

Paeonia Sorbet

Enticing double blooms are ringed with soft pink and ivory petals. Peonies are standout stars of late spring. Welcome new hybrid variety is admired for striking pink and white, 5-7″ double blooms. Fragrant flowers enchant with large, colorful blooms and

Alcazar Kniphofia

Hardy plants create plenty of “buzz”. Flames of genius! Plant a mass of these upright spikes shimmering with a crowd of kinetic, two-toned, orange-red buds. Flamboyant floral show carries on from early summer to early autumn. An awesome addition to

Gatsby Pink Hydrangea

Hydrangea quercifolia, GATSBY PINK® Showy cone-shaped blooms with lacy white florets. Stand-out new oak-leaf’s big, showy cone-shaped blooms with lacy white florets that quickly transform, going from pure-white to incredible rich pink. When autumn rolls around, dark-green foliage turns mahogany-red