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Squash Summer Sure Thing Zucchini Hybrid

Fruits early even in cool, cloudy conditions. This Burpee bred zucchini really is the Sure Thing because it will bears fruit early in cool, cloudy conditions even when there are no bees or male flowers around. Its medium-size fruits are

Squash Summer Burpee Hybrid Zucchini

Our best-selling zucchini for over 40 years. This zucchini just won’t quit. Our best-selling zuke for over 40 years—thanks to excellent vigor, earliness and exceptionally heavy yields. Medium-green, tender skinned fruits on compact, bush-type plants. Best when picked 6-8″ long.

Squash Summer Cosmos Hybrid

Compact plants yield bright, sweet, nut flavored fruits. This is one bright summer squash: bright yellow in color and blessed with a bright, sweet, nutty flavor. Vigorous, high-yielding bush plants produce a cornucopia of straight-necked zucchini-type yellow fruit 6-8″ long

Squash Summer Golden Egg Hybrid

The best-tasting squash in Burpee’s taste trials for 2 years in a row. Golden Egg’s a picture-perfect gourmet sensation—with succulent flavor and texture. As exquisite as a Faberg‚ egg but so much tastier. Spherical, golden-yellow egg-shaped zucchini measures up to

Squash Summer Green Eggs Hybrid

The perfect grilling squash with caramelized, nutty taste and creamy flesh. Squash-lovers, meet the griller of your dreams. ‘Green Eggs’ dishes out slice after delicious slice of flavor. Gorgeous, green, 5” oval squashes are ready to leap onto the grill

Squash Burpee’s Best Hybrid

Earlier harvests, out of this world yields and exceptional vigor. Burpee Exclusive. Hail, the new Zucchini King, the new triple-crowner ruler of the zucchini patch. Brings zuke-lovers an earlier harvest, out of this world yields and exceptional vigor. ‘Burpee’s Best’

Squash Summer Cupcake Hybrid

Shaped like a cupcake with sweet flavor and soft skin. Shaped like a cupcake, delectable oblate 2-5” fruits parts perfectly calibrated flavor: somewhat sweet, somewhat savory. Go-to squash for roasting, slicing, grilling, boiling, and stuffing, ‘Cupcake’ combines patty-pan’s rich, sweet

Squash Summer Great Griller Hybrid

A thriller of a griller! Tasty 5-6″-long oval fruit slices into thick veggie steaks, squash fries, or wedges on skewers. Thick meaty fruits are flavorful at a broad range of cooking temperatures, whether fired up on the grill, sautéed, or

Radish Daikon Long

Grows up to 14″! This very popular green-necked Daikon radish will grow to 14″. Grown for spring-summer or fall-winter use.

Radish Salad Rose

A great salad or peppery beer radish. A Burpee exclusive radish from Russia, Salad Rose is a gorgeous rosy pink that grows to a truly bragging sized radish at 8″ long. A great salad or beer radish peppery, but it

Radish China Rose

A tasty radish from China with beautiful rose-colored skin. Jesuit missionaries gathered up this ancient winter radish from China and introduced it to Europe in the 1950s. Now ours to enjoy, the long peppery roots—6-8″ by 2″ diameter—have bright, beautiful

Radish Burpee White

Stays mild and crisp for a long time. Best eaten when they are 1″ across. The young, mostly globe-shaped roots are best eaten when they are 1″ across. Fast and easy to grow, radishes are best in cool weather. One

Radish Pink Beauty

Unique rosy-pink color. Ready in just 22 days. This lovely radish displays a unique rosy-pink color. Mild tasting, crisp flesh. Very early, ready in just 22 days.

Radish Easter Egg II Blend

Oval radishes, 1½ ” across, in shades of purple, lavender, pink, rose, scarlet, white. Radishes are fast and easy to grow. They’re great for introducing kids to gardening. Easter Egg II Blend is ready to harvest in 28 days. It

Radish Black Spanish Round

A winter variety popular in Europe since the 1500s. Crisp, pungent, spicy white flesh. Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. With handsome black skins, the large 3-4″ turnip-shaped globes have crisp, pungent, spicy pure-white

Radish French Breakfast Organic

Scarlet skin, shades to white at base. Heirloom. Oblong roots grow 1¾” long and ¾” wide. Scarlet skin, shades to white at base. White flesh is crisp and mildly pungent when young. Fast and easy to grow, radishes are best

Radish French Dressing

French-type radish. Top off summer salads with this tasty French-type radish. Medium-size fruits are 2″ long by 3/4″ wide and have uniform shape with bright red tops and white tips.

Radish German Giant Organic

Large size in just 29 days. Large, globe-shaped radishes, 1½” across with crimson skin and mild white flesh. Firm, crisp, mild flavor. Attains a large size without becoming hollow to pithy. Certified Organic Seed.

Radish Early Scarlet Globe

Crisp, tender, juicy and a popular favorite One of the most popular home garden varieties of the past 100 years. Early, high-yielding, this favorite produces uniform, bright red globes with crisp, tender, juicy and mild white flesh.

Radish Red Glow

Fun to eat and very easy to grow. A beautiful round version of French Dressing. Small red globes are tipped a circle of clear white.