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Gardening Gloves Bamboo Fit – Green

Gardening Gloves Bamboo Fit – Green : Keep your hands cool and dry. These 100% bamboo fiber gloves have a seamless liner that keeps your hands cooler during those hot summer days. The palm is coated with foam latex to

Earliglow Strawberry Plants

Strawberry, Earliglow : Our earliest, a top quality, high-yielding strawberry. Enjoy a bountiful harvest during the traditional strawberry season. Our earliest, top quality, high-yielding berry. Glossy, deep red, firm and very sweet. Grows best in full sun. Zones 4-8. Fruit

Florence Fennel Seeds

Fennel, Florence : Use fresh fennel leaves in salads or with eggs, fish and sauces. The bulbous stem can be steamed, grilled or served raw; it’s like celery with a delicate anise aroma. Chopped and saut‚ed, it’s great with shrimp.

Carex Evergold Grass

Carex, Evergold : Ideal for containers, small spaces, and rock gardens. Evergold Japanese sedge springs up in gorgeous clumps of cascading, fine-textured foliage. Its narrow, dark green leaves are lined with golden stripes. Growing to 18″ tall, the plants’ tidy

Bravoure Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodil, Bravoure – Pure white with narrow yellow trumpets. Elegant blooms feature long trumpets in lemon yellow surrounded by a pristine white perianth. Great performer as a cut flower, in the garden, for naturalizing. Bulb size: 14 cm. lifecycle: Perennial Zone:

Early Italian Garlic Seeds

Garlic, Early Italian Produces larger cloves than most softnecks. Better adapted to summer heat. Customer Favorite! This hefty garlic infuses entrees, soups and salads with sweet, mild flavor. These easy-growing, widely adapted garlics will keep 10 months. Garlic may begin